Volume per chargeback file description

The -volume-per-chargeback.csv file includes a detail-level report of all chargebacks across all boarded merchants within a given settlement period. This will be delivered every day that settlement has been made along with the other 7 describing that settlement period.

The naming convention is:

<merchant number>-<frequency>-<year>-<ongoing number>-<suffix>.csv

Example: 1-999-W-2016-07-volume-per-chargeback.csv

The file will contain the following data:

MERCHANT_TX_IDAn optional merchant-provided identifier for chargeback

CB_IDA PPRO-provided identifier for chargebacknumeric
PAYMENT_REFERENCEThe public identifier of the refundstring
EVENT_TIMESTAMPISO_8601 UTC timestamp (format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ) of the eventstring
MERCHANT_IDContract ID identifying each unique merchant as provided by PPRO upon onboardingstring
PAYMENT_METHODName of the payment method (e.g. “SEPA Direct Debit”)

AMOUNTThe chargeback amountnumeric
CURRENCY3-digit ISO currency code describing the amountstring
COUNTRY2-digit ISO country code describing the origin of the paymentstring
REFERENCE_TX_ID/REFERENCE_RF_IDThe transaction/refund ID of the chargebacknumeric
CHARGEBACK_REASONFor SEPA Direct Debit: 4-character reason code followed by space and ISO-Name for chargeback reason (refer to SEPA reason code list)

<reason code> <ISO-Name>



When files are delivered in the SFTP, they will be zipped in a gzip format (*.gz). Please ensure that your system can extract gz files before processing.