Description of _chargeback_.csv

All the <date>_chargeback_*.csv files are built the same way. The date is always in UTC format.


Explanation of fields:

CBIDThe PPRO-generated Chargeback IDnumeric
AMOUNTThe amount of chargeback in centsnumeric
CURRENCYThe currency of chargeback (EUR, USD, PLN, etc.)string
ACCOUNTHOLDERThe account holder of the chargebackstring
PAYMENTPURPOSEThe details which appear on the consumer’s statement. Can be unpopulated.string
TXIDThe PPRO-generated ID of the original charged back transactionnumeric
MERCHANTTXIDThe client-generated merchant transaction identifier of the original charged back transactionstring
CHARGEBACKTSThe timestamp of the chargebackstring
IMPORTEDTSThe timestamp at which the chargeback was importedstring
MCONTRACTIf using consolidated files: the merchant contract IDstring