Alipay is an e-wallet widely used by Chinese consumers. The consumer must have a Chinese bank account, which most often also requires having Chinese residential status. There are no restrictions on the use cases applicable to these accounts, and they are the sole target of PPRO's offering.

The Alipay Overseas accounts - also known as the Alipay tour pass - are only issued for Alipay China, not Alipay Hong Kong (which PPRO does not currently offer). These are accounts provided to visitors who travel to China on a short trip, for which they do not need to have a Chinese residence or bank account. These accounts allow travelers to top up the wallet balance using international credit/debit cards, expire after 90 days, and have a maximum spending cap of 5,000 RMB. They can be used only domestically within China, not towards cross-border merchants.

The following Alipay integrations are available:

Alipay Online

Alipay In-store: Merchant QR Code

Alipay In-store: Consumer Scan

Alipay Unauthorized Payments

Branding guidelines
Go to the AliPay branding guidelines to access logos and other useful information about branding.