Settlement files

For each settlement, PPRO generates the following files:

*-volume-per-transaction.csvThe volume of all the processed payments for every transaction in the settlement cycle
*-volume-per-refund.csvThe volume of all the processed refunds for every refund in the settlement cycle
*-volume-per-chargeback.csvThe volume of all the processed chargebacks for every chargeback in the settlement cycle
*-fee-per-transaction.csvThe summary of all fees assessed per transaction; includes all relevant, contracted fee types
*-fee-per-refund.csvThe summary of all fees assessed per refund; includes all relevant, contracted fee types
*-fee-per-chargeback.csvThe summary of all fees assessed per chargeback; includes all relevant, contracted fee types
*-aggregate.csvFlat file version of the data delivered in PPRO’s PDF invoice. Ultimate view of final rounding for billing purposes. File also includes one-off none-transactional fees

The naming convention for * is formatted as follows:

1-<Client Number>-<Merchant Billing ID>-<Frequency>-<Year>-<Ongoing Number>

1Single digitThe PPRO entity. Possible values:
1 - PPRO
106 - PPRO Mexico
107 - PPRO Brazil

Default value: 1

Each international PPRO entity offers separate contracts and generates its own, separate set of files.
Client Number1 to 4 digitsPPRO internal identifier of merchant/PSP/Referrer.
Merchant Billing ID1 to 4 (or more) digitsPPRO Merchant number. Only relevant for PPRO referral partners; does not appear for reseller partners (only one dash exists between client number and frequency).
Frequency“D” for daily
“W” for weekly
“M” for monthly
Indicates settlement frequency for the merchants/payment method type(s) contained in file.
Year4-digit yearYear of settlement period.
Ongoing NumberDaily: 3 digits
Weekly: 2 digits
Monthly: 2 digits
Value indicates that this is the nth settlement of this settlement period. Increments up from the first settlement period of the year. This means that mid-year settlements will be a higher number to represent n settlements since the first possible settlement period.



The per-merchant files can show varying pricing, depending on the referral merchant agreements. The value for the Merchant Billing Id is an auto-generated integer. To identify the merchant in a file set, use the Merchant_Id column in the file.

File format

All files are comma-separated value files (CSV):

End of recordNew line character (ASCII 10)

Quoting is only used where required. All files are encoded using the UTF-8 character set.



There are no fixed column positions in these files. New rows, files, event types, or fee types can be added without prior notice. Make sure that columns are read by the header names rather than fixed positions. Handle new entries in a non-breaking manner, such as internal notification or silent dropping of the new values.


PPRO provides its Settlement Files daily by 13:00 UTC on its SFTP server. For Payment Service Providers on weekly settlements, the files are uploaded on Saturdays. For PSPs on monthly settlements, the files are uploaded on the 1st of each month. You can access and download the files once available. The SFTP directory serves as an archive of all generated files. Each file is individually compressed with gzip.



The files you delete are automatically regenerated and replaced. Files older than 90 days are automatically deleted.

The sections below describe the content of each file in a set of Settlement Files. You can also find details about the applicability of fees and events.



Not all the fee or event types in this document are relevant to your PPRO integration. You can find what fees and event types are relevant to your integration in your PPRO contract. All possible values are expressed in this document for historical and future-proofing reasons.