Fee per refund file description

The -fee-per-refund.csv file includes a detail-level report of all fees incurred on refunds across all boarded merchants within a given settlement period. This will be delivered every day that settlement has been made along with the other 7 describing that settlement period.

The naming convention will be:

<merchant number>-<frequency>-<year>-<ongoing number>-<suffix>.csv

Example: 1-999-W-2016-07-fee-per-refund.csv

The file will contain the following data:

MERCHANT_TX_IDAn optional merchant-provided identifier for refund

RF_IDA PPRO-provided identifier for refundnumeric
PAYMENT_REFERENCEPublic identifier of the refundstring
EVENT_TIMESTAMPISO_8601 UTC timestamp (format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ) of the eventstring
MERCHANT_IDContract ID identifying each unique merchant as provided by PPRO upon onboardingstring
PAYMENT_METHODName of the payment method (e.g. “SEPA Direct Debit”)

FEE_TYPESee FEE_TYPEs belowstring
AMOUNTAmount of the feenumeric
CURRENCY3-digit ISO currency code describing the amountstring
COUNTRY2-digit ISO country code describing the origin of the paymentstring
REFERENCE_TX_IDTX_ID of the original transaction of this refundnumeric

EVENT_TYPE Description

INITIALIZEDA transaction which was initialized and billed as such
SUCCEEDEDA transaction in a technical successful state

FEE_TYPE Description

ACQUIRING_FEEPer-transaction (not a %) fee for refund processing
PROCESSING_FEEAdditional per-transaction (not a %) fee
SUCCEEDED_FEEThe fee charged when a transaction moves from any state to a SUCCEEDED state (not a % of transaction value)



See your PPRO contract for information about the applicability of each fee type. Reach out to your account manager for more details.



When files are delivered in the SFTP, they will be zipped in a gzip format (*.gz). Please ensure that your system can extract gz files before processing.