Integrate BLIK, a bank transfer payment method with a unique cooperation model between banks, payment acquirers, and merchants.

Payment Method Properties

Available country codesPL
Processing (Presentation) currenciesPLN
Settlement currenciesPLN
Consumer currenciesPLN
Channel member tagblik, blikoneclick
Scheme name in the settlement fileBLIK, BLIK Direct (One click)
Minimum transaction amountPLN 0.01
Maximum transaction amountPLN 50,000/ transaction

(most issuers have a limit of PLN 10,000/ transaction)
Session timeout55 seconds
RefundFull, partial and multiple partial refunds are available.
Refund Validity13 months
Integration TypeAsynchronous

PPRO Offers the folllowing BLIK integrations:

Blik Redirect

Blik One Click

Blik Chargebacks