PIX is the first instant payment system available to Brazilian consumers, developed by the Central Bank of Brazil.

Payment Method Properties

Available country codesBR
Processing (Presentation) currenciesBRL
Settlement currenciesBRL
Consumer currenciesBRL
Channel member tagpix
Scheme name in the settlement filePIX
Minimum transaction amountBRL 0.01
Maximum transaction amountBRL 250,000
Session timeout24 hours (can be configured by the merchant or PSP)
RefundFull, partial and multiple partial refunds are all available.
Refund ValidityTBC
Integration TypeAsynchronous

Transaction Flow

  1. On the merchant's checkout page, the consumer selects PIX as their preferred payment method.
  2. The consumer is presented with a QR Code to be scanned and an EMV code is also provided in case the customer prefers to copy and paste instead of scanning.
  3. After scanning the QR Code (or adding the EMV code) with their PIX mobile application (it can be a bank or wallet app), the customer receives the payment data to be reviewed (beneficiary - in this case always PPRO Brazil LTDA and the amount).
  4. The consumer confirms the payment.
  5. PPRO receives payment confirmation and creates a receipt on its platform.
  6. The PSP confirms the payment confirmation on the PPRO platform.



PIX Domestic BRL Processing (Brazil) requires a Brazilian entity for settlement. Contact your account manager for more information.

PIX Integration

Specific input parameters for the TRANSACTION call

Field NameM/O/CTypeDescription
specin.emailMutf-8RFC compliant email address of the account holder
specin.nationalidMasciiConsumer’s CPF or CNPJ tax id

For standard input parameters, see Input parameters for the TRANSACTION call.

Specific output parameters for the TRANSACTION call

Field NameTypeDescription
SPECOUT.DOCUMENTIMAGEtextThe Link with the QR Code image.
SPECOUT.DOCUMENTCODEtextThe EMV code to be used for the PIX Copy & Paste functionality

For standard output parameters, see Output parameters for the TRANSACTION call.

TRANSACTION call input


TRANSACTION call output

&SPECOUT.DOCUMENTCODE=00020101021226770014BR.GOV.BCB.PIX2555api.itau/pix/qr/v2/5cdb8711-a03c-4973-808a-8ba8ea4e916a5204000053039865802BR5916PPRO BRASIL LTDA6009SAO PAULO62070503***6304F21F