Bank selector page

When using the bank selector page, the consumer selects to pay using FPX on the merchant checkout page and redirects to a hosted bank selector page to complete the online bank transfer.

Transaction Flow

  1. The consumer selects the FPX Online Banking option on the merchant's checkout page.
  2. The consumer is redirected to the PPRO hosted bank selector page.
  3. The consumer selects a bank to complete the payment.
  4. The consumer is redirected to the online banking page where they authenticate to complete the payment.
  5. The consumer requests for Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC), a security feature used by banks to protect the account from unauthorized use.
  6. The TAC, a unique 6 digits code is sent via SMS to the registered mobile phone number.
  7. The consumer enters the 6 digits code to authorize the transaction.
  8. The consumer completes the transaction.
  9. The consumer is redirected to the merchant page.