Lithuania banks

Lithuanian Online Banking Transfers can be made via:

  • AB Citadele Banka
  • AB Luminor
  • AB Swedbank
  • AB SEB Bankas
  • AB Šiaulių Bankas
  • Lithuanian Credit Union
  • UAB Medicinos Bankas
  • Revolut

Payment Method Properties

Available country codesLT
Processing (Presentation) currenciesEUR
Settlement currenciesEUR
Consumer currenciesEUR
Channel member taglithuanianbanks
Scheme name in the settlement fileLithuanian Banks
Minimum transaction amountEUR 0.01
Maximum transaction amountNo limit
Session timeout1 hour
Refund ValidityN/A
Integration TypeSynchronous

Transaction Flow

  1. The consumer selects the online banking option from the merchant's checkout page.
  2. The consumer is redirected to PPRO's payment page to select their bank.
  3. The consumer is redirected to their selected bank.
  4. Consumer logs in to online banking and reviews the order.
  5. The consumer authorizes the payment.
  6. The consumer is redirected to the payment confirmation page.

Lithuania Banks Integration

Specific input parameters for the TRANSACTION call

Field NameM/O/CTypeDescription
specin.emailOasciiThe RFC-compliant email address of the account holder
specin.bankidOasciiSpecify a valid bank identifier to bypass PPRO’s bank selection page (see Retrieving bank information with a REQUESTDATA call).

For standard input parameters, see Input parameters for the TRANSACTION call.



This payment method requires the real account holder value for the accountholdername parameter.

Retrieving bank information with a REQUESTDATA call

If specin.bankid is passed in with a TRANSACTION call and contains a valid bank identifier, PPRO’s bank selection page is bypassed. The consumer is directly redirected to the specified bank.

To retrieve valid values for specin.bankid , send a REQUESTDATA call with the same channel, tag, and countrycode parameters as for the TRANSACTION call. Set resource to banklist.


The REQUESTDATA output parameter TYPE is application/json. The CONTENT is a JSON structure containing information about available banks.

  "banklist": [
      "specin.bankid": "hanzaee",
      "localizedNames": {
        "en":"JSC bank \"Swedbank\" Estonia",
        "es":"Banco JSC \"Swedbank\" Estonia",
        "et":"JSC pank \"Swedbank\" Eesti",
        "lt":"AB bankas \"Swedbank\" Estija",
        "lv":"AS \"Swedbank\" Igaunija",
        "pl":"AB bank \"Swedbank\" Estonia",
        "ro":"Banca JSC \"Swedbank\" Estonia"
      "localizedNames": {
        "en":"LHV bank Estonia",
        "es":"Banco LHV Estonia",
        "et":"JSC pank \"LHV\"",
        "lt":"LHV bankas",
        "lv":"AS \"LHV\" banka",
        "pl":"LHV bank",
        "ro":"LHV bank Estonia"
Field NameDescription
specin.bankidThe value you must pass to the TRANSACTION call to bypass PPRO's bank selection page
logoURLIf it is available, it contains a URL to the bank's logo
localizedNamesContains the bank's human-readable name in different locales

Specific output parameters for the TRANSACTION call

This payment method will emit the SPECOUT.SRCIBAN output parameter.

See Well-known SPECOUT parameters for details on well-known specific output parameters.

For standard output parameters, see Output parameters for the TRANSACTION call.

TRANSACTION call input


TRANSACTION call output