Description of _refund_.csv

All <date>_refund_*.csv files are built the same way. The date is always in UTC format.

The following files are on the SFTP server for transaction information:





Explanation of fields:

REFUNDIDThe PPRO-generated Refund IDnumeric
REFUNDSTATEThe state of the refundstring
FAILTYPEFailtype (if the refund failed)string
FUNDSSTATEThe state of fundsstring
AMOUNTThe amount of transaction in centsnumeric
CURRENCYThe currency of transaction (EUR, USD, PLN, etc.)string
REFTXIDThe PPRO transaction ID against which the refund was issuednumeric
MERCHANTREFUNDIDThe merchant refund ID (if provided)string
INITTSThe timestamp of the refund initiation (UTC time)string
SUCCEEDEDTSThe UTC-format timestamp if the refund state changed to succeededstring
FAILEDTSThe UTC-format timestamp if the refund state changed to failedstring
FUNDSSENTTSThe UTC-format timestamp if the refund changed to sentstring
FUNDSREJECTEDTSIf an error occurred the human readable error text for the specific refundstring
ERRORTEXTIf an error occurred: the human-readable error text for the specific transactionstring
MCONTRACTIf using consolidated files: the merchant contract IDstring