The settlement process - settlement files

This section describes the CSV fields in the PPRO settlement files.

PPRO's billing system invoices the transactions processed via the PPRO Payment Gateway. The billing system aggregates transaction volumes and calculates transaction fees, risk holdbacks, reserves, and settlement delays according to the contractual agreement between you and PPRO.

With this information, PPRO consolidates a daily, weekly, or monthly net settlement of funds that you receive on contractually agreed settlement days. The cadence of settlement and file generation is based on your contract. Files are not generated outside of the settlement cadence.

The Settlement Files describe the calculation of the net settlement and the fund transfer for each settlement day.

Depending on the contractual agreement, PPRO bills you for all the transactions:

Daily: PPRO bills all the transactions of the previous day on every calendar day.

Weekly: PPRO bills all transactions of the last billing week (Saturday to Friday) every Monday. If the week covers the end of the month and the beginning of the next, it is split into 2 billing periods so that there is no billing period crossing the change of one month to another. In such cases, there can be 2 periods billed on a Monday.

Monthly: PPRO bills all the transactions of the previous month every first Monday of the month.

The Settlement Day
The settlement day is the day when PPRO can initiate a funds transfer and does not include the time it takes funds to be credited at the receiving bank account. The date represents when the funds leave the PPRO bank account.

Since PPRO relies on its banking partners to transfer funds, it can only initiate settlement of funds on the banking days of its partners. As of now, this aligns with TARGET2 banking days. This schedule may change in the future as PPRO’s banking partnerships expand.