The reconciliation process - processing files

This section describes the CSV fields in the PPRO processing files.

After processing transactions, refunds, and chargebacks, the Payment Gateway generates CSV files containing the following:

  • All the technical states of your transactions within a calendar day
  • The funding state of your transactions within a calendar day (where relevant)



A calendar day is considered to be from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 UTC.

You can download the Payment Gateway CSV Processing files from PPRO's servers using the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

For more information regarding access to the SFTP files, see SFTP server details.

CSV description

PPRO differentiates between transaction, refund, and chargeback CSV files. Each file type has a unique description and field order.

File system structure

By default, an SFTP account contains a consolidated set of files for all contracts in the root directory of the SFTP structure with .consolidated appended to the file name. This indicates that the data are for all your merchants. The files are created daily for the previous day (usually before 15:00 UTC).

The first part of each file name is an ISO8601 date of the day the file is generated, followed by an underscore and an identifier specifying what’s contained exactly. The following file types are generated on a daily basis:

YYYYMMDDZ_chargeback.consolidated.csvChargebacks imported and assigned to the contract
YYYYMMDDZ_refund_failed.consolidated.csvFailed refunds
YYYYMMDDZ_refund_fundsrejected.consolidated.csvRefunds that got funds rejected today
YYYYMMDDZ_refund_fundssent.consolidated.csvRefunds that sent funds today (valuta)
YYYYMMDDZ_refund_succeeded.consolidated.csvSucceeded refunds
YYYYMMDDZ_transaction_failed.consolidated.csvFailed transactions
YYYYMMDDZ_transaction_fundsmissing.consolidated.csvTransactions that transitioned to funds state missing today
YYYYMMDDZ_transaction_fundsreceived.consolidated.csvTransactions that received funds today (valuta)
YYYYMMDDZ_transaction_pending.consolidated.csvPending transactions
YYYYMMDDZ_transaction_succeeded.consolidated.csvSucceeded transactions

Important note about integrating CSV processing

Make sure the CSV headers are mapped to the contents of the file. Columns can change and be added dynamically depending on new features and new payment schemes.

If new transaction types are added to PPRO's API, PPRO will add more files to the SFTP server.

PPRO can provide processing files for both its test and live environments. Each requires different credentials and SSH keys.