Direct Flow

Technical flow

  1. When checking out on the Merchant’s website, the consumer selects the BANCOMAT Pay® button from the methods presented, entering their mobile phone number.
  2. The payment request is sent to PPRO gateway which calls up the BANCOMAT Pay® Platform for the payment initiation.
  3. The BANCOMAT Pay® Platform checks the mobile number is valid and calls up the issuer bank system to make a push notification to the consumer's mobile banking App.
  4. The consumer activates the App and confirms the payment detail.
  5. The consumer authorises the payment.
  6. The issuer bank checks if there's sufficient amount in the consumer's bank account and debits the amount in real time.
  7. The payment result is displayed in the mobile banking APP and the payment notification is sent from Bancomat platform to PPRO and to the merchant.

Shopper Journey

  1. Consumer selects Bancomat Pay on the merchant's checkout page and enters the mobile number registered with Bancomat Pay.
  2. The merchant sends PPRO the payment request and PPRO forwards it to Bancomat Pay.
  3. Bancomat Pay then sends a push notification to the consumer's mobile device, and their banking app is automatically launched once the notification is clicked.
  4. The consumer logs into their mobile banking App.
  5. The details of the transaction appears on the mobile banking App and consumer confirms the payment detail and authorises the payment.
  6. Payment is complete.