BLIK Chargebacks


A chargeback is a request for the return of funds to a payment account initiated by an issuing bank.
Specifically, it is the reversal of a prior outbound transfer of funds from a consumer's credit card or
bank account.


Not Applicable.


  • the customer did not authorize the transaction
  • the customer did not recognize the transaction
  • the customer charged with cancelled or interrupted transaction
  • the customer claims the merchant did not receive funds
  • the transaction was not executed
  • the customer charged with the wrong amount
  • goods or services not provided
  • the customer did not get the refund
  • others.


PPRO will notify the channel partner via email of any new chargeback cases, and give the partner an
opportunity to respond to the case as described below in the “dispute process.”
Cases which are not able to be resolved in favour of the merchant will be debited via a chargeback
event in the girogate system. These chargeback events are sent to the channel partner on a daily
basis via batch SFTP.

Dispute process

Consumers who use BLIK can raise a dispute up to 13 months after the transaction date.

a) any BLIK dispute case from issuers and their consumers would be communicated to PPRO via
email (sent to [email protected])
b) as long as PPRO does answer within 14 calendar days these emails PPRO will NOT get charged
for the transaction amount (neither full nor partial) under any circumstances.
c) If PPRO does miss to answer within 14 days PPRO will get charged for the transaction amount and
a dispute fee.
d) If PPRO answers back confirming that merchant does NOT see a need to refund the consumer
PPRO does pay neither dispute fee nor transaction amount.
e) If PPRO answers back confirming that merchant is refunding (from PPRO end; PPRO would
confirm refund details) PPRO would be charged a dispute fee.


PPRO would aim to end up in scenario d) for every single such case. That means PPRO will inform
the client about the dispute but will answer back already proactively to BLIK right away confirming that
no refund is possible.

Please remain vigilant for email notifications regarding claims or chargebacks sent by us and contact consumer promptly to avoid further escalation.


Once a chargeback is final, the chargeback fee is deducted from the channel partners account
balance. Furthermore, the chargeback amount is deducted from the balance at the same time.