Integrate giropay and allow merchants to offer secure online payments via over 1500 banks and saving banks in Germany.

Payment Method Properties

Available country codesDE
Processing (Presentation) currenciesEUR
Settlement currenciesEUR
Consumer currenciesEUR
Channel member taggiropay
Scheme name in the settlement fileGiropay
Minimum transaction amountEUR 1.00
Maximum transaction amountNo limit.
Session timeout1 hour
RefundFull, partial and multiple partial refunds are all available.
Refund Validity365 days
Integration TypeAsynchronous

*giropay contractually guarantees the payment for up to 6 weeks after the initial transaction.

Transaction Flow

  1. On the merchant's payment page, the consumer chooses to pay online via giropay.
  2. They are redirected to the scheme-hosted bank selection page.
  3. The consumer selects the bank and is redirected to the bank's online banking website to authorise the payment.
  4. They log into the online banking and confirm the payment.
  5. The consumer is redirected to the merchant's website by clicking 'go back to the shop'.

giropay Integration

Specific input parameters for the TRANSACTION call

giropay requires no specific input parameters.

For standard input parameters, see Input parameters for the TRANSACTION call.

This payment method supports the dynamic descriptor field (see The dynamic descriptor).

Specific output parameters for the TRANSACTION call

This payment method will emit the SPECOUT.PAYMENTPURPOSE output parameter.

See Well-known SPECOUT parameters for details on well-known specific output parameters.

For standard output parameters, see Output parameters for the TRANSACTION call.

TRANSACTION call input


TRANSACTION call output


Branding Guidelines

For branding information, see the giropay branding guidelines.

Additional Information

  • Transactions may change from any state at any time. This change occurs especially from a FAILED to a SUCCEEDED state. SUCCEEDED is considered a stable state (see also Important note about transaction states).
  • To check if your bank is supported, see this page.