PostFinance: E-Finance

Integrate PostFinance (YellowPay E-Finance) and allow merchants to accept payments from the 8 million Swiss Post users.

Payment Method Properties

Available country codesCH
Processing (Presentation) currenciesEUR, CHF
Settlement currenciesEUR, CHF
Consumer currenciesEUR, CHF
Channel member tagpostfinance, yellowpay
Scheme name in the settlement fileYellowpay
Minimum transaction amountno limit
Maximum transaction amountPostFinance Card: CHF 500 or EUR 350 per month

E-finance: no limit
Session timeout30 minutes
RefundFull, partial and multiple partial refunds are all available.
Refund Validity365 days
Integration TypeSynchronous

Transaction Flow

  1. The consumer selects PostFinance on the merchant's checkout page.
  2. They are redirected to a page where they must select one of the following options:
    1. PostFinance Card or E-Finance for amounts lower than 500 CHF
    2. PostFinance E-Finance for amounts higher than 500 CHF
  3. The merchant redirects the consumer to the PPRO redirector page with the payment reference and the instructions.
  4. The consumer goes to the PostFinance authentication page to see the order number, amount, and timestamp.
  5. For PostFinance Card:
    1. The consumer selects to pay via the PostFinance App (by scanning a QR code on the app on their mobile device) or the PostFinance card (by entering their ID number and confirming the payment).
    2. They are redirected to the merchant's website.
  6. For PostFinance E-Finance:
    1. The consumer is asked to authorize the payment by entering their E-Finance number and confirming the payment. Alternatively, they can use their username and password.
    2. Once the payment is authorized, the consumer is redirected to the merchant's website.
  7. PPRO receives a payment confirmation and notifies you/the merchant about the payment status.
  8. The merchant is notified of the payment status and can ship the goods.

PostFinance Integration

Specific input parameters for the TRANSACTION call

Field NameM/O/CTypeDescription
specin.mobileviewOasciiSet to yes for the mobile-enabled version of PostFinance

For standard input parameters, see Input parameters for the TRANSACTION call.

Specific output parameters for the TRANSACTION call

Field NameTypeDescription
SPECOUT.YELLOWPAYTXIDasciiPostFinance's transaction ID

For standard output parameters, see Output parameters for the TRANSACTION call.

TRANSACTION call input


TRANSACTION call output


Branding Guidelines

For branding information, see the PostFinance (YellowPay E-finance) branding guidelines.

Additional Information

  • Transactions may change from any state, especially from FAILED to a SUCCEEDED state at any time. SUCCEEDED itself is considered a stable state (see also Important note about transaction states).
  • To collect consumer funds, the merchants need to create an account with PostFinance. PostFinance can then activate merchants for the supported payment products: PostFinance Card, PostFinance E-Finance, or both (depending on the chosen options).