The Drop-in Checkout

Harness PPRO’s local payments expertise in your checkout flow

Leveraging PPRO’s extensive expertise in local payments, the Drop-in Checkout UI simplifies the addition and maintenance of local payment methods and cards. The SDK provides you with an already-optimised UI with high converting payment flows to integrate with your checkout.

After a simple and quick integration, you can securely deliver a localised payment experience to your global customers.

Key Benefits

  • Low development time to rapidly add multiple payment methods for one market or globally
  • Simplifies the complexity of local payment methods by supporting on-page and redirection-based payment processing flows
  • Fully customisable look and feel to align with your brand and provide a consistent user experience.
  • Flexibility and extendability to adapt to your checkout flow and business needs
  • Access diverse markets like a local with comprehensive internationalisation and localization
  • Stay up-to-date in the constantly evolving local payments world


Beta Release

If you're interested in integrating with the Drop-in Checkout, please speak to your account manager about joining the beta testing phase.

Integration Options - Basic or Advanced flow

With two integration options, you have the flexibility to choose a flow that suits your payment needs.

Basic flow: one API request

Your server makes a single Payments Session creation request to the /payment-sessions endpoint. The Drop-In Checkout also automatically handles additional next actions that might be required, such as authenticating with 3D Secure, and also localizes error messages

Advanced flow: two API requests

Your server makes two requisitions: a Checkout Session creation request to the /payment-sessions endpoint and an authorization request to the payment-sessions/{session-id}/authorizations endpoint.

Features and supported use cases

DescriptionBasic flowAdvanced flow
Make a payment with any available payment method.
Change the order that the payment methods are displayed.
Ability to stop a transaction from being authorized.
Implement checks on your server, like inventory checks, before making a payment.
Update the payment amount before making a payment, for example, when the shopper updates their shopping cart, or tax amount needs to be applied depending on shopper's zip code.
Insert a separate page for the shopper to agree to terms and conditions before making a payment.
Maximum anti-fraud security

Flows integration comparison

DescriptionBasic flowAdvanced flow
Integration effortLowMedium
Number of endpoint requests from your server12

Simplify your entire payment flow or add individual payment methods

The drop-in checkout can be rendered as the entire payment selector or as individual payment method forms.

By rendering the payment selector, you gain the full functionality of the Drop-in Checkout. It’s simpler to add multiple new payment methods and you’ll benefit from features, such as the smart ordering of payment methods.

Alternatively, you can add individual payment methods to your checkout. This would be the quickest way to add one or two key local payment methods. It also gives you the flexibility to A/B test new payment methods to see if they’re a fit for your customers.