You can void authorized payment charges that no longer need to be captured. This prevents that amount from being captured and in some cases reverses the authorization, immediately releasing those funds back to the consumer.

A single payment charge can have multiple captures and voids of varying amounts up to the authorized amount, if supported by the payment method. This allows for captures and voids to be performed depending if an order item is dispatched or out of stock.

Once a payment charge status is CAPTUREDit can no longer be voided and must be refunded.


Not all payment methods support void requests. The support for voids and authorization reversals is detailed in the properties of each payment method.

Types of Void

FullThe uncaptured payment charge can be voided in full.
PartialAn amount less than the authorized amount can be voided, provided that amount is still available for capture.
MultipleMore than one void can be performed on a single payment charge, provided the total amount of captures and voids does not exceed the authorized amount.

Payment methods that do not support captures are automatically updated from AUTHORIZED to CAPTURED.


When a payment method supports void requests, after successful authorization the payment charge status updates to CAPTURE_PENDING and can now be voided.

Capture the Payment Charge

In your /v1/payment-charges/{paymentChargeId}/voids request, include:

amount: The amount to be voided in the smallest currency unit. This must not exceed the authorized amount.
merchantVoidReference: Merchant reference for the void (optional)


POST /v1/payment-charges/charge_ViwZ6ObcA6GO2V5dS6ssH/voids

  "merchantVoidReference": "YOUR_VOID_REFERENCE",
  "amount": 500


    "id": "void_0AJpskZmnTZgBcjbojotD",
    "amount": 1000,
    "status": "VOIDED",
    "merchantVoidReference": "YOUR_VOID_REFERENCE",
    "createdAt": "2023-05-10T15:34:01.993Z",
    "updatedAt": "2023-05-10T15:34:01.993Z",
    "_links": {
        "payment_charge": {
            "href": "/v1/payment-charges/charge_ViwZ6ObcA6GO2V5dS6ssH"

Whilst the capture is processing the payment charge status will temporarily show as VOID_PROCESSING. Once the full amount has been successfully voided both the payment charge and void status update to VOIDED.


For those payment methods that allow partial voids, it is possible to void an amount less than the authorized amount. The payment charge status will remain in CAPTURE_PENDING until the remaining authorized amount has been captured.


For those payment methods that allow multiple voids, it is possible to request more than one void against a single payment charge. The total authorized amount cannot be exceeded and there must be uncaptured funds available to void. When there are no funds left to void, the payment charge status updates to CAPTURED if at least one capture was performed.

Failed Voids


Failure Reasons

PAYMENT_CHARGE_NOT_FOUNDThe payment charge does not exist.

Sandbox Testing