Card Installments


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Installments allow cardholders to divide a purchase into smaller more manageable monthly payments. It's a popular way to pay in Brazil and Mexico.

Installment Plans

Installments are monthly and the number you can offer depends on the country:

BrazilAny (maximum of 12)
Mexico3, 6, 9 or 12


Installments are calculated by dividing the amount by the number of installments, the resulting value is then rounded to two decimals. In case the total amount is lower, the missing fraction is added to the first installment.

100.00 BRL in 3 installments:

1st: 33.34 BRL
2nd: 33.33 BRL
3rd: 33.33 BRL

The first installment is charged immediately and the issuing bank takes care of the subsequent charges which occur each month.

Minimum Amounts


The minimum amount for any one installment payment is 5.00 BRL.
For example, 10.00 BRL in 2 installments.


The minimum amount for any one installment payment is 100.00 MXN.
For example, 300.00 MXN in 3 installments.

One-time payment charge

1. Create Payment Charge

In your /v1/payment-charges request, include:

installments: The number of monthly installments






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