Once a payment charge has been captured (fully or partially), funds can be returned to the consumer through a refund request.

As long as the captured amount is not exceeded, refunds can be made in full or multiple partial amounts.


Not all payment methods support refunds. The support for refunds and their validity periods are detailed in the properties of each payment method.

Types of Refund

FullThe payment charge can be refunded in full.
PartialAn amount less than the authorized amount can be refunded.
MultipleMore than one refund can be performed on a single payment charge, the total amount cannot exceed the original authorized amount.

Refunding a Payment Charge

In your v1/payment-charges/{paymentChargeId}/refunds request, include:

amount: The amount to be refunded in the smallest currency unit. This must not exceed the captured amount.
merchantRefundReference: Merchant reference for the refund (optional)


POST /v1/payment-charges/charge_ViwZ6ObcA6GO2V5dS6ssH/refunds

  "merchantRefundReference": "YOUR_REFERENCE",
  "amount": 900


  "id": "refund_bR9gjRpLRb52lZhtJg5Mn",
  "amount": 900,
  "status": "REFUNDED",
  "merchantRefundReference": "YOUR_REFERENCE",
  "createdAt": "2023-05-09T17:57:49.149Z",
  "updatedAt": "2023-05-09T17:57:49.149Z",
  "_links": {
    "payment_charge": {
      "href": "/v1/payment-charges/charge_ViwZ6ObcA6GO2V5dS6ssH"

Whilst the refund is processing the payment charge status will temporarily show as REFUND_PROCESSING. Once the full captured amount has been refunded the payment charge status will update to REFUNDED.

Failed Refunds


Failure Reasons

PAYMENT_CHARGE_NOT_FOUNDThe payment charge does not exist.
PAYMENT_CHARGE_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDSThe refund exceeds the total amount captured.
PAYMENT_CHARGE_INVALID_STATEThe payment charge has already been refunded.

Sandbox Testing