Get started with the PPRO API

The API is in pre-release and subject to changes

PPRO's API provides access to over 150 payment products worldwide, including local payment methods and card products through a single integration. Here you can easily browse our product range, access our API reference, and find useful integration resources.

Follow the steps below to get started:

Create sandbox account

Before processing live payments, it's essential to create a sandbox account.

Sandbox allows you to test your integration in a controlled environment without processing real payments. It provides a safe space to experiment with new payment methods or features, identify bugs, and fix issues without impacting real data or transactions.


You'll soon be able to create your own sandbox account. Stayed tuned for the official release. Until then please contact your account manager or one of our payment pros to request an account.

Generate API keys

To authenticate with the PPRO API, an API key is required. The key serves as the credential to identify partners and grant access to API resources. You'll also be provided with a merchant ID to identify the individual merchant account. Learn more about API Authentication.

Partners can generate and use several API keys to suit their requirements.


We're working hard to make API key management available through the PPRO Portal. For now, your API keys will be provided to you by your account manager.

Enable payment methods

You'll be able to test various payment methods in the sandbox environment. Contact your account manager to have them configured on your account.

For those that require a redirect, we'll endeavor to utilize the scheme's test environment. Where that's not possible, we'll provide a simulator. Support for scheme sandboxes is detailed in the individual payment method properties.

You can also use our MOCK payment method to replicate real-world scenarios. Learn more about testing.

Submit your first API call

Familiarise yourself with our core API objects and read our quickstart guides to get up and running as quickly as possible.

You also have access to our Try It console and Postman collection [coming soon].

Go live!

Once you have thoroughly tested your integration in the sandbox environment and are confident in its functionality, it's time to transition to the live environment. Replace your sandbox API credentials with the live credentials provided by your account manager. Remember to update the endpoints or configurations accordingly.


Sandbox vs. Live APIs

To start handling payments with real money movement, your account must be activated, and you need to use the api.ppro.com host instead of the sandbox with your live credentials.

Live API: https://api.eu.ppro.com

Sandbox API: https://api.sandbox.eu.ppro.com