PPRO provides a set of intuitive, powerful, and flexible RESTful APIs. All endpoints accept and return JSON payloads and are designed around standard HTTP methods (GET, POST, etc..) for customer interactions. This section covers a few basic concepts on how to use our APIs.

Common API functionality

API Authentication: All PPRO APIs expect a Bearer Token for authentication. After creating your PPRO account, you get two API secret keys, one for Live APIs and another for Sandbox APIs. Find more information here.

Standard Errors: PPRO’s RESTful APIs return standard HTTP error status code; e.g., the API returns 4xx for requests the server can’t process due to a client error. To provide more details, a standard error envelope is returned. Find more information here.

Rate Limiting: To ensure stable service for all customers, by default, each customer can issue up to 200 read requests per second and 200 write requests per second in PPRO’s live environment. Higher limits are configurable upon request. Both limits are reduced to 5 requests per second in the sandbox environment. Find more information here.