Output parameters for the REFUND call:

STATUSasciiThe outcome of the request. Possible values:
REFUNDIDasciiUnique refund identifier. Maximum 20 characters [a-zA-Z0-9.,-_]. In case of severe errors (e.g. authentication not possible) this will be “0”, otherwise a valid refund identifier is always assigned.
MERCHANTREFUNDIDasciiThe value of the merchantrefundid parameter sent by the client in the REFUND request
ERRMSGutf8Human readable error message - up to 128 characters.
FAILREASONasciiReturned only if STATUS is FAILED. Possible values:

UNKNOWN: the refund failed for unknown reasons (also default in reporting in case of succeeded refunds).

QUOTA: money-holding, AML or other banking regulations make in unable to fulfill the refund request.

LOCAL_ERROR: local system error. Contact Payment Gateway support.

REMOTE_ERROR: a remote processing error occurred. If this is not temporary, contact Payment Gateway support.

LOCAL_DECLINE: The Payment Gateway declined the refund, for example due to risk management.

REMOTE_DECLINE: a remote system declined the refund, for example due to a failed payment process authentication.

SUCCEEDED response

This example shows a successful refund call.


FAILED response