The GETTXSTATUSBYMERCHANTTXID call is an alternative to the GETTXSTATUS call for getting the status of a transaction.



We recommend using this call only for checking the status of transactions that did not provide a response on initialization (for example, due to network connectivity problems), especially for payment methods that do not provide a PENDING phase. For other scenarios, use the GETTXSTATUS call.

As noted in the TRANSACTION call, merchanttxid is an optional field when creating the transaction.
PPRO does not enforce any uniqueness on the merchanttxid. If you want to use this field, you are required to use unique values per transaction. If a transaction status is requested via a non-unique merchanttxid value, the request returns an ambiguous response: it will either fail or return the first transaction found by the merchanttxid value requested. Using unique values for merchanttxid returns unambiguous, successful transaction pulls.



Make sure the values for merchanttxid are not case-sensitive. PPRO's API will treat aaa and AAA the same.