This parameter is specific to payment and refund methods that support it. Sending the field specin.dynamicdescriptor is optional, and is ignored if not supported. Check the respective payment method documentation to find out whether this feature is supported.

Input parameters for the dynamic descriptor

specin.dynamicdescriptorOutf-8For a transaction or refund, the dynamic descriptor field specin.dynamicdescriptor defines the text on the consumer’s proof of payment (e.g. bank statement record and similar).

Typical use cases for this feature: providing (sub-)shop name, a thank you message, product description, etc. See examples below.

Depending on the payment or refund method, the actual outcome on the consumer’s statement varies. For example, the set of allowed characters or maximum length can be different. The text resulting from your input value is automatically stripped of whitespace and truncated if it exceeds the maximum length. We may adapt the text if required, for example for reconciliation purposes.


In the examples below, note how outputs can become truncated, stripped of unsupported characters, and amended with other data needed e.g. for reconciliation (here: 2ABC456).

The output varies depending on the payment method. You can decide to use a shorter descriptor for certain payment methods to avoid truncation.

specin.dynamicdescriptorPossible outcomes on statement
Example shop thanks you2ABC456 Example shop thanks you


[more possible outcomes…]
Example shop, product P2ABC456 Example shop, product P

2ABC456 Example shop product P

2ABC456 Example shop prod


[more possible outcomes…]

The specin.dynamicdescriptor is an input parameter for the TRANSACTION or the REFUND call.