Boarding and amending merchant data trigger asynchronous processes. Compliance checks are continuous asynchronous processes. When these processes lead to status changes, the Boarding Platform notifies the partner.

These notifications are transmitted to a script running on the partner's web server using an HTTPS POST request. The Boarding Platform expects a defined response that verifies the partner has received the complete notification without errors. In case of a transmission failure, notifications will be retransmitted in defined intervals for a defined maximum number of retries.

After successful receipt, the partner calls /getstatus to get the merchant's status.

The process

The protocol


The notification is sent as a standard HTTP POST (urlencoded) request, containing the following fields:

referenceThe unique reference of the merchant
timestampTimestamp (ISO 8601) of the notification.
sha256hashThe hash used to verify that the request is valid. The algorithm to create this hash is:

The notification secret is provided by the account manager.


The Boarding Platform treats a response as successfully processed by the partner's server if:

  1. The response is received within 30 seconds after initiating the connection
  2. A HTTP OK (200) is received
  3. The document body contains the following phrase anywhere in the first 4096 bytes of the content:

Configuration options

The following options can be configured when setting up the partner in the Boarding Platform:

  • Notification secret: Secret string used for generating the sha256hash in the request
  • Retry interval: Interval to wait before retransmitting a notification; default is 15 minutes
  • Max. retry count: Maximum number of retries before giving up; default is 192