Fraud Alert Status

NEWIt is the first status attributed to a newly received alert. It means that the cardholder claimed the transaction to be fraudulent with the issuing bank and it may become a chargeback.

- Merchants should consider refunding the transaction.
PARTIALLY_REFUNDEDOne or more refunds were created, but the total refunded amount is less than the sale amount.

- The transaction is still at risk of receiving a chargeback.

- Merchants should refund the missing amount so that the transaction can progress to REFUNDED.
REFUNDEDIt means that the transaction has been fully refunded and should not receive a chargeback.

- If it does become a chargeback, PPRO will automatically dispute it.
CHARGEBACKEDIt means that a partial or total amount of the transaction was chargebacked, and is now available to be disputed. It is not possible to make a refund anymore.